Enemy of both the village and the Werewolves, the White Wolf is one of the most complex role to play, because he must be the only survivor of the game.


His objective is to be the only survivor, he wakes up at night with the other Werewolves who thinks he's an ally.
One night out of two, he can eat another player of choice.
Starting the second night and every second night, the White Wolf has the possibility to eat a player or a Werewolf during the Werewolf's vote (after the Witch).
The White Wolf cannot be discovered by the villagers nor can he be discovered by the Wolves.
The power of the White Wolf is superior to the protection roles. A protected Guard, or the Red Riding Hood, are vulnerable to the White Wolf.


Choosing the player to kill

As an enemy of both the village and the Werewolves, the White Wolf's chances of survival are greatly reduced. Therefore, it is important for him to eliminate as quickly as possible the roles that could hinder his journey.

As it happens, if you are the White Wolf, and you think you found the Seer or the Mentalist, it is best to kill them during your turn as White Wolf rather than during the Werewolves turn. In fact, they won't be protected by the Guard, nor will they be protected by the Witch. Eliminating these roles as quick as possible could give you a precious advantage.

As a solitary role, you will probably have to kill Wolves during your turn. The infected player could be a good target to prioritize because the Wolves know that they aren't the White Wolf. However, this role is still an undeniable asset to keep the Wolves safe. Therefore, you need to make that choice during the right part of the game.

Fairplay as the White Wolf

You were the White Wolf, here you are, eliminated by the village. The game for you is already lost, and you have nothing else to lose.
Play fairly and do not reveal the other Werewolves to the villager or the Necromancer to finish the game as quickly as possible. Even if they aren't on your side, the White Wolf is not allowed to reveal the rest of the Werewolves, otherwise they will be punished.

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