Iconic Wolfy role, the Talkative Wolf is hard to play, and for good reason, he risks dying at any moment if he isn't attentive enough.
He remains nonetheless an interesting role to play by it's strategic side for the Werewolves, as well as for the village.


Defeating the Villagers is his objective. Every day, he receives a message indicating a word he needs to say before the sun sets, if he wishes to stay alive.
The Talkative Wolf is a Werewolf with an extra constraint.
He dies at the end of the day if he has not said his word.
The word in question can be placed in classic messages, mayor presentations, and accusations.
It can be camouflaged inside another word.
He has no word to place when the Dictator takes over control (unless the power is taken over in the second round, during the mayor's election).

The Talkative Wolf needs to place the word "Wolf" during the day if he wishes to survive


The Talkative Wolf can become a real asset to the Wolves if he is played properly. Let's explore the different strategies.

The ninja vote

It's probably a technique done out of spite, when you find no solution to place your word.
If it seems to complicated to place and no player wishes to vote despite the timer going down, you can slide your word in an accusation vote, and kill a player in the crowd. With a bit of lucky, you'll take the Seer with you.

Saving the Black Wolf

When you are the Talkative Wolf, you have a big chance of being recognized by the village sooner or later if the game drags on.
Your goal is to help the Wolves win. If the Black Wolf is in danger during the daily vote, and he hasn't yet infected a player, you can eventually grab everyone's attention with the objective of saving his power.

Placing your word at the right time.

It is often hard to place your word while going unnoticed. You need to find the right moment, and place it in a context that while not make people doubt. You can try to direct the debate in the direction of your word.
If your word is too complicated to place, there is always the possibility to "write it in the last seconds of the day**. If your timing is right, the other players won't have time to vote for you by majority, but you risk dying the next day. At least, you may have won another round for your Wolf comrades.

Keeping the mindset of the Talkative Wolf

You need to keep in mind that as the Talkative Wolf, you have nothing to lose because your curse will cause your defeat sooner or later.
Your objective is to gain time for the Wolves, and to cause discord in the village. If you are to end up dying, might as well bring a maximum of villagers with you.

Finding the Talkative Wolf

Be on alert for all the Talkative words that you know. The more you play, the more words you will know. The Talkative Wolf always has difficulties placing their word. Concentrate on all the messages being sent by the players (accusations and mayor presentations included), and to pinpoint the messages that are out of context.
If the game lasts multiple rounds, take advantage of the night to read the chat.

It is considered to be unfair gameplay to send messages as a villager and cutting your words like this for example: "he is sus-picious" with the objective of preventing the talkative wolf from playing.
The list of the Talkative Wolf's words

The list of the Talkative Wolf's words is kept secret. In fact, it would be to easy for the village to kill the Talkative Wolf if a public list would be made available. Moreover, it is forbidden to share your personal list of words. If a player decides to create one, it must stay private.
The list contains many words, and it is generally updated to be able to give as many different words as possible to the Talkative Wolf.
Keep in mind that the words on this list are words generally used by players even without the Talkative Wolf.

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