The Sick Rat is an entertaining role that adds spice and stress to the games on Wolfy as the days go by.


His goal is to infect all players. Each night, he can infect two players. He wins the game when all players are infected.
The contaminated players know the identity of all the other contaminated players.
The Sick Rat cannot contaminate himself.


Choosing who to contaminate

The rat's role becomes more complicated when there are very few uncontaminated players left.
Try to only infect people whose role has already been revealed. This way, you will be able to defend yourself more easily against players whose role is still unknown.

Contaminate only one player

Sometimes it is better to infect only one player in order to leave more doubt about 3 uninfected players. The chances of you getting away with it will be greater than if you are alone with another player.

Infected by the Black Wolf

If you are infected, never reveal your true role to the Werewolves. Although you may win the game via a Werewolf victory, you should remember that the role of the Sick Rat is primarily a solitary one and that it would be more fun to win alone.

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