Wolfy created this role, you have most likely never played it if you are new to the platform.


Her goal is to defeat the Werewolves. As long as the Hunter is alive, she is protected from Werewolf attacks.
When the wolves target the Red Riding Hood while the Hunter is alive, their vote is not taken into account.
If the Hunter dies, then the Red Riding Hood becomes similar to a Villager.

No question of bringing jam, or any other cake to your grandmother. Here your objective is to defeat the werewolves. You belong to the village camp, and as long as the hunter is alive, you will be immune to werewolves attack at night, and cannot be killed or infected by the Black Wolf.

However, if the Hunter dies, you will be the equivalent of a villager, with no powers, and the slightest attack by the werewolves could be fatal. Note also that the Red Riding Hood does not know the identity of the Hunter, and vice versa.

When you create a game and include the Red Riding Hood, the hunter is automatically included in the composition.


Gameplay to adapt

As long as the Hunter is alive, the Werewolves cannot kill you (except for the White Wolf if it is included in the composition).

Take advantage of your invulnerability to put yourself in the spotlight and lead the debate. If the werewolves vote for you during the night, it's a win for the villagers for this round. Try to become a prime target, and you can even use this opportunity to run for mayor. After all, you are sure not to be killed by werewolves and you can't be infected, as long as your protector is alive.

The Red Riding Hood can die at night

During some games, it happens that the Hunter is alive, but the Red Riding Hood dies overnight. Several causes for this:

The Witch used her death potion on the Red Riding Hood: indeed, as Riding Hood, you are not immune to the Witch's potions.
The White Wolf attacked the Red Riding Hood: The White Wolf's attack overcomes the Red Riding Hood's protection, so if the White Wolf names the Red Riding Hood as her victim, she will die.
The Hunter is infected: when the Hunter has been infected by the Black Wolf, he no longer protects the Red Riding Hood from the werewolves' attack
The Guard protected well, but the Witch killed the Riding Hood: in this type of case, there is only one dead person at the awakening, implying that the Red Riding Hood died from the werewolves' attack, but it is the Witch who returned the final blow well.

If you are an Infected Witch, and there were no deaths during the night, you can use your death potion on the Red Riding Hood to make the village think that the Hunter is infected!

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