True role of death, the Pyromancer belongs to the villagers party, and has the power to kill by exploding multiple players at once.


His objective is the defeat the Werewolves. Every night, the Pyromancer has the choice to place a Greek fire with a player, or to trigger an explosion.
The Pyromancer can kill members from his own party, therefore he needs to have a strategy.
There is no limited number of barrels to be placed, but if the Pyromancer dies without triggering an explosion, the players will remain alive.


The first night

From a strategic point of view, it is recommended to do nothing, and to wait for the second night to eventually place your first barrel. In fact you have no information on the game, and you statistically have more of a risk to target an innocent person rather than a wolf.

A question of timing

Be careful to not trigger your bombs too late, you might die before you get the chance.

The infected Pyromancer

If you are infected by the Black Wolf, do not hesitate a single second to place barrels every night on the villagers, and to explode everything as soon as you'll be sure to have the bigger numbers.
The infected Pyromancer is a remarkable weapon for the Wolves if they know how to play their role on time.

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