Her goal is to defeat the Werewolves. She gets up at night when the Werewolves are awake to spy on their exchanges.
The Little Girl sees all the messages sent by the Werewolves at night. However, they are anonymized by a random username and avatar.


Analyze the behavior of the Werewolves

You have access to all the messages sent by werewolves during their vote. Take advantage of this by studying their writing style (emojis, expressions, speech rate, punctuation, language...).
By finding similarities between the way a Werewolf speaks at night and a player during the day, you can express suspicions. Beware, however, that clever werewolves might try to imitate an innocent player to create doubt.

Blocking communication between Werewolves

Even if you don't get any information about who the Werewolves are, keep in mind that just having the ability to read their messages hinders the Werewolves in their exchanges.

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