Emblematic role of Wolfy, the Black Wolf allows to add mystery and the unknown in the Werewolves party for the villagers. It is, in fact, hard to know the identity of an infected player, because he keeps his villager powers.


Defeating the villagers is his objective. During the night, he wakes up with all the other wolves. Once during the game, he can turn the chosen victim into a Werewolf.
The Black Wolf is a Werewolf with a supplementary power.
Once the victim has been chosen by the Werewolves, the Black Wolf has the possibility not to kill that person and to turn him into a Werewolf.
The infected player keeps his original role and powers, and adds the Werewolf's characteristics: he wakes up at night with the other wolves to vote, and wins the game by eliminating the entirety of the village.
The Seer cannot know that a person has been infected, which makes that player harder to identify and thus stronger.
However, the Mentalist and the Gravedigger take in account his wolf identity via their powers.
If at sunrise, it has not been proposed to the Black Wolf to infect a player even if no player has been infected yet, then the players can then conclude that there was no vote on the wolves' part, the Guard protected the Wolves' target, or the Red Riding Hood was the target.


Infecting a strong player

Try to collect the maximum information possible on the players before you infect one of them. It is usually more interesting to infect a Witch, a Pyromancer or a Hunter rather than a Simple Villager. In fact, once in the werewolves' party, the infected player can use their powers against the village.

Reading in between the lines

When the Black Wolf is called at night, you can conclude different information as a villager. If his message doesn't appear, that means that the player killed by the Werewolves was either protected by the Guard, or is the Red Riding Hood.

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